Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah

The Trust And The Task - Poem by Ahamad Ilyaas Vilayathullah

The sky, the sun, the moon, the stars…
The clouds, the winds,
The earth, the greenery, the trees, the shrubs, the creepers,
The landscape, the waterscape,
The streams, the waterfalls, the rivers, the seas, the oceans,
The hills, the mountains,
The birds, animals of all kinds,
And the cutest of them all, the human beings…..

This universe is, no doubt, most amazing…
Alluring, wonderful beyond words…
The creator of this universe must be,
No doubt, most amazingly brilliant!

What's the best suited order for this universe?
Has its creator suggested any particular order for it?
Yes, he has done so.
It's Islam, the submission
To the sovereignty of the creator of this universe.

This is the order
All living and nonliving things,
The animate and the inanimate, the fauna and the flora,
In the universe are following.

Has the creator of this universe
Appointed anyone to look into this and make sure
His order is being followed on the earth?

Yes, he has done so.
Man has been appointed his vicegerent
Or representative to undertake this task.

Did any in this universe show willingness
To undertake this task?
No, none except man ventured into it.
The skies, the earth, the mountains,
All refused to undertake it when man volunteered.

Has he successfully fulfilled the task?
Yes, some among the mankind.
Others were negligent, forgetful,
Disobedient, and transgressing

Has the pristine order of the universe
Ever been destroyed in consequence?
Yes, several times, in consequence of the misdoings,
The under-doings, and the over-doings of man.

Is there a way left for bringing the universe
Back to its pristine order?
Yes, it is Islam, once again, intentionally submitting
To Allah, the creator of the universe


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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, January 22, 2013

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