The Two Poets Poem by Henry Lawson

The Two Poets

Rating: 4.5

Two poets were born where the skies were fair,
To live in the land thereafter;
And one was a singer of sorrow and care,
And one was a bard of laughter.

With simple measure and simple word,
The feelings of mankind voicing –
And light hearts listened and sad hearts heard,
And they went on their way rejoicing.

The glad rejoiced that the world was gay –
Who took no thought of the morrow-
And it ever has lightened the sad hearts’ way
To hear of another’s’ sorrow.

The poets died when none were aware,
(For no one could see the token)
That light of heart was the bard of care,
But the heart of the other was broken.

Bijay Kant Dubey 27 October 2018

A difference between lightheartedness and seriousness the point of reckoning if the first is a light-hearted joking and comical fellow the second is a serious poet sympathetic and listening to the grief and sorrows of others. Really, a good reading. Different poet have different styles of writing a style shows the man. A light fellow will remain light, but a serious on caring and sympathetic.

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Henry Lawson

Henry Lawson

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