The Tyranny Of Man Poem by Adam M Snow

The Tyranny Of Man

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The infanticide of man,
who are we to decide the lives of infants
whom not born yet to see the greed of man?
Who are we to challenge life, yet to lose life itself?
Such irony is God we seek, is the God we banished;
yet we wonder why He has forsaken us:
Not He, but we have forsaken Him.
We tarnished the name for which man once stood,
all for power of a corrupted mind
and for money, the greatest sin of the Earth.
We threw away the sanctity of marriage,
the truth it once held;
casting out God's plan for that of man.
Love has no meaning, no truth but lies
it is corrupted by that of man.
So sad the greed this world now has,
the rich of man to rob the poor.
To love without a cost just for greed,
to find laughter in today's bloodshed,
oh how we are so blind to see,
we are the end of man;
the infanticide of the innocence of man,
a victim of our own misdeeds.

Elisha Wall 16 January 2015

A striking piece full of truths that describe our immoral world. Thanks!

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Dave Walker 15 July 2013

Greed of man will destroy the world. A great poem.

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Gajanan Mishra 15 July 2013

we are the end of men, thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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