Gianna Jett

The Unknown - Poem by Gianna Jett

For all the nobodies that want to be somebodies,
Let's show the world who we are,
The earth is our canvas and I just opened the door,
Now let us all do what it is that we love,
Bury them with the crowns that we wear,
Cries of the lost take us to the Neverlands,
We lick our lips as we are the untouchables,
Now they all know exactly who we are,
They all know who we once were and our names are written in the stars,
This love of the life that we all wanted will not be wasted,
It is not your fault that you have once failed,
Dark sides of their own shadows will find them,
But we need not to worry about that or about them,
All I need and ever wanted is at my feet,
All that they ever wanted was for us to fail,
All that you are is written upon the face of the moon,
We are the stars that fall from the broken sky,
We are the future of the past in the present that never was,
I love the taste of their blood upon my lips,
Broken lies that we sacrificed for their love,
A love that they didn't deserve but now their lives are within our hands,
See them sweat in the sun, see their tears in the stars, taste their blood in the
Now we are the dream that they seek, it is us that they are after,
We won't hear, see, feel, or be a part of them now,
They can feel us in the breeze of the night,
Smelling our scents as we come out to hunt them,
Burning with the wrath, we feast upon their flesh,
Blood thickens with the plot that is written in the galaxies,
Swallowing everything that we are or ever was,
Freedom is without burdens, and we were born to die free,
Like the storms that bear witness by the thunder,
Leaves them wanting more as they all thirst and lust after us,
Could it all be any more perfect than this,
As they lay within the ditches built from their own filthiness,
Holding all that we are, trapped upon their souls,
Never ridden from who and what we are,
Keeping the promises of being the somebodies that will be nobodies no more,
We shall not be broken, forgotten, or replaced as we wait for them all in the corners of the shadows in the moonlight,
Never again will we be the ones known as the Unknown.

Topic(s) of this poem: moon, unknown

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, November 19, 2015

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