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When she walks she looks at the moon
Like the cloud that follows her in the room
From the distance she's beautiful
Over time she'll make you fall

A vampire's dream born from tragedy
A single drop of blood falls
Shadows form and muted mouths begin to speak
Unseeded visions seen in her crystal ball

I thought I heard your voice yesterday
When someone called it was the wrong number
But then I heard your voice
It sang to me in whispers

The cold autumn breeze feels good for the first minute
After that it's cold bloody wind chills me to the bone
Cold metal through my skin makes me numb
I can't feel my feet or my fingertips

It's frustrating
Sometime the past grabs a hold of me
I look back at my childhood dreams
You left me with an empty cup


Isn't it a shame that she'll never know you?
Is it sad that the world will never know what she's been through?
Does it matter how she looks at you?
Would it matter if she doesn't remember you?

Disappearing into my own thoughts and wonders
Lost in the confessions I lost in the years behind me
Did little for the soul I became in the future
Savoring what was left of my insanity

Your beauty I will forever hold,
It tells the secrets that are untold.
I will listen to all the stories told,
Feel my warmth whenever you turn cold.

Ten years ago a mistaken vow was made
We were just young teens looking for fun
Not knowing how what was forbade
Soon our fate stroke by the hour of one

Deep inside my brain I experienced tales of mystery within my own imagination. My body continued to hunger throughout the night. The dreams were vivid and nightmarish. Unearthly creatures began to unveil themselves. Spine-chilling and disturbing images haunted my mind. The next two nights were repetitious, I could feel my emotions being tortured but enticed. Undead creatures lured me into their behaviors, unto their darkness. I was terrified by its disturbing nature, but I couldn't help from feeling tempted by the wicked and somber atmosphere. I expected myself to feel helpless, but it was impossible for me to feel anything except the craving that now lived inside my bones.

Desires buried deep of extreme thirst and hunger. I was becoming a creature that I didn't recognize. Traveling throughout the forest, that I found myself allured to an unknown power; I struggled against a disadvantage to be human again. My bloodline screamed through me.

Through the coldest ocean waves I came
The wind blew faster just the same
Emerging from Midnight's darkest moon
Waking in the midst of a brighter noon

I sat in the wilderness talking to your ghost
This was the time of all moments that I needed you the most
Killing my own demons before they're unleashed unto the world
The moon has never felt so far away, not since I was a little girl

Hanging by the threads of hope that existed so long ago
Don't tell me that all I dreamed of is dead
No need to worry because it's all in your head
It all died so long ago

I know exactly who I'm supposed to be
Even if no one else believes in me
At least I can be myself with everything that is within me
Even if it's only the mirror staring back at me

I've come so far from where I've been
So far all this time has came and went
Too many struggles and tears that I wept
It keeps me going to where I need to be

I watched from a distance as I saw a glow
I felt a feeling I have never known
Something new but familiar crossed my path
I tried to walk away but couldn't find my way back

I'm no skinny mini
I'm just me
But my self esteem is time invested
It's obvious I'm not flat chested

Add a little sparkle to your step
Be someone that they won't forget
You are your own dream come true
Show the world who you are and what you can do

Sorry if I mislead you
Don't blame me for the vibes I misfed you
Some might get the wrong idea about it
I'm not bothered not even a little bit

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When she walks she looks at the moon
Like the cloud that follows her in the room
From the distance she's beautiful
Over time she'll make you fall
There's a smile beyond her dark eyes
She thunders in when the lightning cries
Inside a shell just below the sea
She comes in like a storm chasing her dreams
She finds herself in between
Her stitches show inside the seams
Threaded upon something you may recognize
Sewn among everything that you want to rhapsodize

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Lucas Cousin Tuka 14 January 2017

I cherish your poem,keep it up,you will be among the best poem writter in poem hunter...best wishes...from mr lucas

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