G J Salgado Poems

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When she walks she looks at the moon
Like the cloud that follows her in the room
From the distance she's beautiful
Over time she'll make you fall

The Human Within

A vampire's dream born from tragedy
A single drop of blood falls
Shadows form and muted mouths begin to speak
Unseeded visions seen in her crystal ball

A Phone Call From Heaven

I thought I heard your voice yesterday
When someone called it was the wrong number
But then I heard your voice
It sang to me in whispers

Cold Metal

The cold autumn breeze feels good for the first minute
After that it's cold bloody wind chills me to the bone
Cold metal through my skin makes me numb
I can't feel my feet or my fingertips

Bass Wars

Hold My Hand

It's frustrating
Sometime the past grabs a hold of me
I look back at my childhood dreams
You left me with an empty cup


Isn't it a shame that she'll never know you?
Is it sad that the world will never know what she's been through?
Does it matter how she looks at you?
Would it matter if she doesn't remember you?


Disappearing into my own thoughts and wonders
Lost in the confessions I lost in the years behind me
Did little for the soul I became in the future
Savoring what was left of my insanity

Love Psalm

Your beauty I will forever hold,
It tells the secrets that are untold.
I will listen to all the stories told,
Feel my warmth whenever you turn cold.

Haunted Castle

Ten years ago a mistaken vow was made
We were just young teens looking for fun
Not knowing how what was forbade
Soon our fate stroke by the hour of one

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