The Unreal X-Ray Poem by Nyein Way(Maung Maung Thein)

The Unreal X-Ray

the unreal X-ray

where is the real? what is the real?
the real:
how to read texts howbto listen text how to trace truth how to interpret texts derriderian birth of multi-semantic-semiotic existential angst of reality search engine in man's curiosty on life and universee and power and nature and breath ins and outs mindful awareness on impermanence city of mentally-collided grammar of poetics. just traces of meaning but not wholeness of it uncertainty in grammartucality of language and thought and life moving conditionality of human condition
post-conceptual poetics of deconstructive awareness in nature of textual difference and indecisiveness of finite meaning in geoglyphs of changing time-space-thought pattern of chaos and play of siginifiers between order of text(grammartical context) and disorder of meaning(uncertainty priciple and qauantumic realities in multi-universal truth condition as a formless form of neo-univwral grammar in decontextualized code of humanity-posthumanity learning circle of being and of emptiness and of linguistic emvidonment.

nyein way

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