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The Vanishing Huntsman

I was tired after a long day of hard toil
Walking through my front door was a treat
I make my tasty roast and watch a nice movie
Before heading to bed for a well-earned sleep
I close my eyes and slowly begin to fade away
Into the ocean of dreams, drifting ever so deep
Deep into a peaceful place of perfect pleasantry
A place where ohhh but nothing can get to me

Tikka tikka eyes explode open widely
Somethings skittering in the dark of night!
Tikka tikka tick... now getting closer to me
I leap out of bed with heart-pounding fright!
Tikka tikka tick... where is it? I cannot see
I rush to the door and smash on the light!
Tick...tick....whoosh.... where can it be?
I look all around but see nothing in sight

Then I see the corner of my eyes
As clear as day with eight hairy long legs
I jolt back then freeze with a shocked surprise
As a large huntsman dangles from the ceilings edge
It drops down behind the back of my bed
Tikka tikka tick...then...not a sound at all...
I take three steps back and scratch my head
Then...tikka tikka tick... I see it dash for the hall

Tikka tikka tick...I follow closely but cautiously behind
It makes a sharp turn into the bathroom
Tikka tikka tick...I loose sight of it, then I loose my mind
I rush to the shed and grab my long trusty broom
Tikka tikka tick...I start poking above, under and around
Every nook, every rug, every crevice and under the sink
Tikka...tikka...tick...a slow but haunting sound
It's toying with me now...I am too afraid to even blink...

I tip toe slowly to the lounge room, eyes opened wide
Tick...tick...tick...I hear the seconds go by
I slowly walk on the creaking floor, broom by my side
No sight or sound of the hairy huntsman
I put my trusted broom down, and reach for the kitchen light
Where is my eight-limbed arachnid friend hiding?
I look anxiously up and down, left and right
No where to be seen or heard in this long-lasting night

I head off back to my warm, cozy bed and set my alarm
It would seem Mr huntsman has done the same
I switch off the light and turn on my calm
Then I gently lye down on my right side, peace of mind to claim
My weary eyes gently flicker and by one
Drifting deeper and deeper back into sweet slumber the bang of a drum
My heart skips a beat or two...but I'm counting no number

Tck...tck...tck...I slowly open my eyes with an eerie dread
I gaze in all directions in what feels like slow motion
I slowly and carefully rise out of my tormenting bed
Tck...tck..tck... my paralysing fear has grown to an ocean
I can't see that cheeky huntsman but I know he is near
Tck..tck..tck..every step taunts the sweat from my face
I walk backwards toward the door, slowly devoured by fear
I turn around to the nightstand mirror...and freeze solid in place's on my shoulder! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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