The Way Its Gonna Be Poem by Adriana Ellis

The Way Its Gonna Be

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I love you,
I love you not,
You love me,
You love me not
I'm tired of going back and forth
arguing over this with you
Were suppost to be best friends
Why did we go and risk that?
We had to fall for each other
But why?
God, I regret doing that
I wish our friendship could go back to the way its used to be,
But I know in my heart thats impossible
We had such perfect friendship
It shouldnt have to end this way
What am i talking about?
It shouldnt have to end at all,
Its only been 3 years
We were suppost to last forever remember?
Christina say we shouldnt even be friends
Cause I can do way better than you
In a way shes right
You hurt me,
You cheated,
You did this to us
So why am i always feeling responsible for your mistake?
I guess its cause I was willingly to take the blame as long as we stayed friends
Earlier today you told me that you dont love me anymore
You said its been too long
Whats that suppost to mean?
Do you understand what I have been through just to keep our friendship going?
I covered for you when you cheated
I forgave you when you cheated on me
I protected you when one of your ex's got mad at you
I stood up for you,
Even when i knew what you did was wrong.
We've been through so much
and your just gonna blow me off like this?
We'll you know what...
I'm done!
I will no longer be here or there or where ever for you!
Your making me do this because you wanna take me for granite
I dont need you!
and starting now I dont want you.
So im going to say my goodbye now
I'll always love you,
but it will be that love/hate type of thing.
I'm sorry but you pushed me to my limit
and i am never coming back to you.
Ima show you how it feels to be without a true best friend!

Lily Ahmad 07 December 2009

wow: D really amazing and sadly i had a real story like that and felt every word in ur poem it touched my heart! ! :) <3

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