Love/Hate Poem by Adriana Ellis


Im so confused about how i feel right now
When i hear a sad song i think of you
but everytime i hear a song that actually has a strong meaning, i think of hating you.
One minute im loving you
but the next minute im ready to get rid of you

I just wanna love you without hating you at the same time
but my heart wont let me
its putting up a brick wall
and i cant get over it

Im so confused about how i feel about you
When we dont talk for a while im perfectly fine
but right when we talk again i feel like i cant live without you

I just wanna love you without hating you at the same time
But my heart wont let me
it pulls me back
everytime i try to go forward

I just cant continue have a love hate thing against you
its either one or the other.
i choose love
but what if my heart chooses hate?

Adriana Ellis 07 February 2010

My heart says hate but then for some reason i still believe i love thats how its kinda the love hate thing. And thank you for your comment.

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Black Bird 07 February 2010

Great poem but if your heart chooses hate then where would the love come from? That's quite the ultimatum, being stuck in a game of tugawar, when in a way you lose either way. If you give in to hate, you lose the love and the rush that comes with it. Yet if you give in to love, it clouds your judgement and sometimes overwhelms you.

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Adriana Ellis

Adriana Ellis

North carolina/ living FL now
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