3 Years Poem by Adriana Ellis

3 Years

Rating: 5.0

The first year was great
jokes and laughs
games and retardedness

That summer was even better
staying up late
texting all day
showers over the phone
what more can we ask for?

The second year was wow
not so many jokes
less laughs
i dont even know what happened to the games
or to the retardedness
i think a good question should be...
What happened to you?

The summer started off shakey
yea we talked
but there was a big white wall in between us
or better yet a girl
she liked you so much
and yea i guess you liked her too.

The middle of the summer started getting better
we had the jokes and laughs
but still no games or retardedness
we were still missing alot.

Towards the end of the summer
we had everything
man was i happy

We were best friends again
the jokes and the laughs were awesome
and the games and the retardedness was back!

The third year is starting now
its going good so far
we still have everything

The first year was better
and that summer was the best!

Eyan Desir 30 November 2009

A very fun to read poem good job

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a a 29 November 2009

Life? Hmmm perhaps ^.^

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Adriana Ellis

Adriana Ellis

North carolina/ living FL now
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