The Weaker Me

Rating: 2.8

My right side is the stronger
Of this body that I own.
All through the day it guides me;
A dependence I have grown:

Writes the cheques I cannot cash,
And blocks the blessed rain,
Washes me and feeds me,
But it doesn't heal the pain.

My left side is the weaker
Of this body that I own.
All through the night it hides me;
The only love that I have known:

Holds a knife while shaking
And the pain it takes away.
Left tries all to free me,
But my right side wants to stay.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Topic(s) of this poem: strength,weakness
Emancipation Planz 26 June 2008

Second time this week... (all what Tai says) ... I add.. you will make a strength of your perceived weakness in time.... it's the recognition that is the hardest part... you are already there IMO.. aroha

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***** ********* 14 June 2006

This is a very good description of our alta ego Kyle, we all have one and have this constant struggle to overcome too, so the poem has a universal appeal imo. Checks should be 'cheques'. You are very young to be able to recognise this internal struggle and may your right side always win the battle. If I was rating anymore, I'd give you 9. Keep writing, Tai

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