The Will Poem by Achilles Mauko

The Will

If I should depart tonight take this body
Take it wholly
Let not even a single bone be broken
Or even a word of burial be spoken
I desired cremation to ease space
Due to the stretched graves
But not until I visited him at Chiromo
In one of their exploratory operation bodies no more
He was my friend a medical student
In the theater a hundred students scavenged for one corpse to operate
Only the first five were able to perform the real operation
The rest was just a facade passing the surgical in mockery
These are our doctors to be,
Then I looked down with concern
How greedy and selfish men can be
To add to the already overcrowded earth
Than to give even their carcases for education

That's why I say
Should this breath I hold so dear say bye
Come for my body and take it
Take it to Kenyatta University
Take it to the medical students
Let them use it for the advancement of medical education,
Let them use it for science and research
Let them use it for the development of knowledge
I beg please don't bury me
Am more afraid of the dark and the ants
Than these people wielding surgical blades,
Who desire wisdom to protect lives
These students need me
And if God should ask, I will explain
But I highly doubt if God need this physical body
For there is no spirit in the dead
Neither you
For there is no property in the dead

I almost forgot,
Should I answer that last call,
Which at some moment I will have to do
Take these eyes too
Deposit it with the eye bank,
Because do you remember last night at Huruma ward?
Little Esmil was born blind
I guess she needs these eyes more than I do
For in the grave men don't see
And Like my best friend Anita, I don't want her world to be dark
So should I die, take these cornea
And light her world

But think a second, do heaven need these eyes?
Am skeptical, but if they do
Then in heaven I will be blind
But it's true that in heaven it's all light
Or do beings reincarnate? That would be unfortunate
But it's OK because I have had my share of light in the first life

Finally to my loved ones this is my will
Let them take these body and eyes
You can only take my heart for God need my soul
Please don't stop them,
To deny my last wish

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