Charlie Bain

The Witch, The Preacher, And The Pyre - Poem by Charlie Bain

There once was a woman
Who watched the stars
The movements of Mercury
Venus and Mars
She knew all twelve houses
And where they'd reside
At any point in time
Just by watching the sky

She predicted the future
And told of the past
She told of your life
And how long it would last
She knew your personality
Before you were born
She predicted the weather
Every blizzard and storm

She was known at the star-woman
The wise one of Birch
Until she was found
By the old Catholic Church
They accused her of evil
Of hexes and sin
'Guilty! ' yelled the judge
With a devilish grin

'Sentenced to burn
At the stake is she
The witch of the town Birch
Bringer of misery
She's killed people's children
She's poisoned their crops'
The whole town of Birch
Just stood there in shock

All this woman had done
Was help heal the sick
With her herbs and stones
And incense sticks
Warn them of what was coming
So they could prepare
And as they lit her pyre
The townsfolk could only stare

Ashes to ashes
Dust unto dust
The poor burning woman
Screamed out and cussed
'I've done nothing all my life
But try to help my town's people
And accuse me of evil?
It's different from your customs

That I know is true
But is difference so much
Of an obstacle to you?
If it hinders you so much
That you seek to burn
You must be the evil ones
For you will not learn...'

And with that she died
Her eyes full of fire
Staring at the preacher
Who loved lighting pyres.

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