Jarian Drinkwater

The Wood From The Trees - Poem by Jarian Drinkwater

Treat me as though I am the enemy.
One of those out to hurt you. To embarrass you. Deem you crazy.
Lock you up. Beat you up. Keep you down. Steal your thoughts. Shun you. Break your heart.

What evidence have you to prove this? Have I not believed in you? Over and over. Again and again? Times where you showed me a pure negativity. A side where you refused to fight for an improvement of life? You had not the strength to fight as I had realised. So I fought for you. To fight is to prove. To prove is to do. Therefore to do is to prove! Words as said by yourself are meaningless. Though these were actions. Why not see this for what it was? It was there, right before your eyes. TWICE.

A DRAIN. A drain on my positivity is what your were. No matter how replenished of a state I came back to you in, your succubus ways prevailed time and time again. You see a problem where there is none. A female friend is a problem. A night out in male company is a problem. An over night work commitment low and behold is a problem.

Do you ever think smooth? EVER? Life is not all about conflict. The simple pleasure of a man towards a woman. More than the physical. The dreams he may share with you. The plans he wants to build with you. The devotion he has towards you can be as evident as it was with you and I. yet APPRECIATION, RECOGNITION and RECIPRICATION are all that is needed to keep a TRUE LOVE ALIVE.

THIS WAS NOT LOVE. You know not how to love. For your scars are far too deep I fear. Those before I have tainted your heart. A love far removed from your soul. An almost empty vessel remains. True intimacy is sparse. An unhealthy distrust looms for all future heirs to the throne.

These unfortunate traits held you. And yet they will continue to hold you. Back that is. If you truly seek that fairytale end. The love and comfort. That inseparable closeness shared only with a king. These traits serve only to obstruct your view. A view that enables vision. A vision that transforms to magic.

Open your eyes Meine Königin. For currently you can not see the Wood from the Trees.

Jarian Patrick Drinkwater
The Wood from the Trees
Sept 1st 2010

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Poem Edited: Sunday, September 26, 2010

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