There Are No Roses Before Paradise. Poem by john chizoba vincent

There Are No Roses Before Paradise.

Wearily i stood alone,
Emotionally, i cried in tears
Dead in thought as i walked alone
Clueless of what to do to save my people,
Thrusting blames here and there
Of not obtaining result of my targets.

I gave up under the bed.
I have tried all i could but failed thousand times
Always bouncing back to where i began.
'i will work no' said i.
And laid lazily on the couch playing
With my thoughts and emotions.

My people should perish, i work no more'
But suddenly, i saw this tiny creature
Struggling alone, all alone with the wall
With sweat all around its body.
Its bravery caught my attention.

'Its a spider'i Exclaimed terribly but
Watched with rapid attention
To see its end but it never give up.
Amazed, i stood in anger in my heart.

The spider climbed but bounced back on the ground
Its struggled up again but returned to the ground
Not embarrassed nor weak.
it set out again in it little world.

'NO sweat no sweet
If Nelson mandele could do it i could,
If Obama could get there i will
Bill Gate broke the walls And
Wole Sonyika passes through
So I could also.
There are no roses before paradise
You must break the fire before you get to paradise'
It said to itself.

Tire and happy it rested
The songs of victory in its throat waited
Its arms and hands encouraged it.
Its eyes looked beyond its present domain
And went far to its place of destiny.
in its nobility, its waved all its suffering away.

Finally, he summoned courage and,
Welcome agility and acceleration
Took the first step forward and the
Second leg forward with focus.
He lifted its body and soul and moved.

'it made it' i screamed
Then comes the victory songs in its throat.
I watched as it wobbled its legs and hands
There are many roses in the paradise.
In merriment and joy.
It never give up but endured
Try again, and again, and again, and again
more than a dozen times.

I took up my courage and determination
Welcome happiness in my land
Just like the spider in its world.
And now, happiness is the end of my experience with the spider.
Many live to tell the tale there after.

Kelly Iyogun 21 March 2016

it does pay to never give up. that's a lesson well learned. nice poetic piece, thanks for sharing

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John Chizoba Vincent 09 May 2014

please read and leave a comment

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