Unity In Cultural Diversity Poem by john chizoba vincent

Unity In Cultural Diversity

Rating: 4.5

The westerners eat Amala and Ewedu
We eat Akpo and Ofe Nsala
They dance Juju and Apala
We dance bongo and atilogwu the beat of life.
T^he Northerners speaks hausa whilst we speak igbo
They married with no bride price and dowry
But we marry with bride price and huge dowry.
Cut the man's hair low, short to remind him That
Marriage is never a bed of roses therefore he must look
After our pride, princess, prestigious priceless pretty queen
Who must painstakingly bear his name abandoning her
Humble background and journey with him amidst roses and bullets.
They wear buba and agbada in an architectural design
Darshiki from the north domain whilst we wear Ukwu george
They plate shoku, koroba and kpatawo and make beads round their neck
Igbo speak, yoruba frown, hausa dance, itskiri watch
Kanuri laugh, Ebira smile, Nupe point, Tiv demonstrate Fulani pick.
Idoma cry, Awori cry, Efik console, Ibibio comfort
Yet Unity we stand despite the cultural diversity.
One for all, all for one, we stand.
Bound to the humble land in hundred fold
Relevant is our culture and tradition
In defend shall we die and perish for our
Precious country.

Thursday, September 11, 2014
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Oguh Stanley Chuks 13 September 2017

Wonderful! ! ! I love it.....

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Kpekot Egweteng 07 July 2015

I love this poem. Nice creativity. Read my poem Raiding the cross.

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Chinedu Dike 27 September 2014

Upon one Nigeria we stand, Unity in Diversity, A Rainbow Coalition... A lovely piece well put together. Thanks for sharing. Please read my MANDELA - THE IMMORTAL ICON.

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