There Is A Country (Indonesia) Poem by Sari Mavi

There Is A Country (Indonesia)

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There is a country
Not a country on the clouds

Which is filled with tales of
Gods and goddesses

A country surrounded by
Fertile valleys and canyons

The people lives in harmony and peacefully:

In the words INDONESIA tucked word
'ONE' which means: a unified country

Also there is the word 'DONE'
It means already implemented

A country which is much loved by his people
They always shouted 'We love Indonesia! '

It was a fixed price for

But how much do they care,
Have not you noticed?

Intolerances make you dumb for futher growth
Corruption makes you malnourished for your future

'It's a matter of conscience who died slowly,
It changed your character'

A wise man whispered to me:
'Everything have become dirty'

It's sounds so ironic!
My tongue was numb no longer able to say..

'Could you rebuild yourself again,
My dear Indonesia? '

Friday, August 7, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: country
Nicola Ann Jeremiah 24 October 2020

Beautiful and meaningful. I currently live in Jakarta and it touched me. Thank you.

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Aj Anwar 09 July 2018

I love the spirit. And of course my love to indonesia.

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Sari Mavi 19 June 2019

Terima kasih Pak. Jangan pernah lelah mencintai negeri yang indah ini ya. GBU

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Lusiana Deborah 05 July 2018

a great poem bout my country. I love it so much... especially for the ironic word.. its truly Indonesia...

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Sari Mavi 19 June 2019

Terima kasih Kak. Apapun yang terjadi, jangan pernah letih mencintai Indonesia ya. GBU

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