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God says
I strengthen the woman's
shoulders to take care of her children,
I strengthen her womb to save

My name is sari mavi
Call me “sari” or “mavi”
I am an ordinary woman who born
In June was ruled by mysterious moon

I am not a smart woman
I am a woman who understands

I am not a strong woman


If my love is wrong,
I do not want to be right:

Loving you is my perfect inspiration,

If we asked a starving, the answer is food
If we ask the people who are cold, the answer is warmth
if we ask the lonely people, the answer is, perhaps, want the
company of others

Look - it's hair has turned white, shiny, silvery exposed to sunlight
Framing a face gently, who always hides fatigue

Behind the calm warm smile whoever saw

We are faced with circumstances:
Problems that used to be muted
Suddenly erupted simultaneously

There is a country
Not a country on the clouds

Which is filled with tales of

Telling the truth is important in life

In being honest

Today I smile a lot
Although there is a point of tears
Presence in the world today has been reduced
Due to the increasing age

This month is one of the few that feels both
Like a beginning and an ending

In all your rushing, December may not be everyone's favorite month. Rainy day isn't a popular favorite season

Have you ever had to flip your world up side down?

Listen was Rumi said "Do not worry that your life is
turning upside down.

Think thoughts of success and
go confidently in the direction
of your dreams and know that
you have what it takes

Pain is not about no one wants to celebrate
pain of any kind.
Everyone will experience pain.
One thing that is certain, the pain won't just go away,

When you love

You've shown yourself to be a loving and
thoughtful partner.

How can I tell you, my life in peace?
If my father said, 'we'll talk about tonight'
If my mother says, 'I go to the market'
My sister said good-bye, 'sister, I went to a friend's house'

Occasionally I grimace - to keep from Crying
Really, I am not the weak who cry
But, if I think about you
Suddenly I incarnated as the melancholy

Flowers are a ray of beauty out values all the utilities of the world
Flower is the easiest way to show your feelings and emotions
When we see beautiful flower, we feel happy
They are a simple and sincere way to lift our spirits

Hi Sari Mavi, I am your sun
Life is a long journey which I witnessed

While life is a collection of your days sped rapidly

I say, will never feel tired to wait..
Not to just calm the heart; Not to just kill some time together in

Because I believe you're the who could fill the flaws,

The Best Poem Of Sari Mavi

(tears Of) Woman

God says
I strengthen the woman's
shoulders to take care of her children,
I strengthen her womb to save
the human seed,
I gave her a great spirit to
keep on fighting, while others
can not do it anymore,
I gave her the instinct to love,
though betrayed and hurt by a loved one,
I soften her heart to give a
sense of security to who is close to her,
Really, I created women as the
most powerful and special creatures
When one day she cries, I bless
her tears to wash her wound,
giving her new strengh to smile again

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Aj Anwar 09 July 2018

Hallo mbak Sari, sudah banyak puisinya di sini. Saya baru numpang ikutan di poemhunter. Salam kreatif ya.

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Not beating the drums of war, if you do not master these two things: the character of opponents and battlefield

the principle of life, sometimes, can be very flexible, will change based on the existing situation in front of us, consciously or unconsciously

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One reminder that always works on everyone; A crime motivated by bigotry and hate

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