There Is Always Hope... Poem by Sebastian Melmoth

There Is Always Hope...

Tragedy befalls the weak and kind-hearted
Feeling ill in a terrible nightmare trap

Even when things seem bleak talk to someone don't carry the burden and be weary
Taking the tiniest steps alone to change can be scary

Minds disaster zone thoughts on fire
Body worn, torn, and desolate

Don't become another stat for the wall chart just another number
Don't be forgotten in trying to make a mark

Tired of daily living, the eternal struggle
Hanging on by the thinnest thread

No magic wand or solution in life's complex tapestry woven
It doesn't have to be this hard, there's always a choice to choose another pathway forward

Each breath sucking in the toxic fumes of worrying fear
Time running out clock ticking in time to hearts beat

Just one little step of faith that's all it can take to make the smallest progress
When In a hole you need the hand of help to pull you through

Make a list of all the positives, start today to build your own network of support
Take comfort in the things around you lift your heavy head for there is always hope.

There Is Always Hope...
Thursday, February 20, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: emotions,fear,feelings,hope,support
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