Today I Caught The Train... Poem by Sebastian Melmoth

Today I Caught The Train...

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Waiting for doors to open, people standing sharing glances
Whose feet will be first on the train? who will get a seat? I don't fancy my chances

Hussle and bustle we pile in all squashed like sardines
Should I sneak in first class, if only I had the means

Up against it, personal space invaded
Each one of us trying to avoid bodily contact, to be evaded

Fellow passengers each seeking their destination
It's a good job I'm going local and not trekking across the nation

A feat of balance as you stand trying not to tumble
Feel the wheels on the track as they rumble

No room for a conductor to ask me for my tickets
No room to get my phone out and press some digits

Looking around thinking why no room just how?
Farmers' Fields out the window thinking it would be more comfortable to travel by cow.

They say it will be quicker when we get HS2
20 Minutes faster doesn't mean a jot if you're stuck to the door like glue

A sense of relief that we survived our locomotive adventure
Stepping through the doors to the platform knowing I will be back for my next Journey.

Thursday, August 29, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: funny,humorous,journey
Bryony Sheldon 29 August 2019

A wonderful and fun poem to read!

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Sebastian Melmoth 29 August 2019

Thank You :)

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