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There Was A Man... (For A Rose Madder) . - Poem by Azriel Dreams

There was a man that came who was bold;
towards his friend he was told.
Wife said, 'you speak too much',
'Trust me', he was told, by same said wife he did cuckold.

'What what! He did protest - you shamed me at best',
but what really was was old that he used to cuckold.
The wife of temper she did best to store and hold but she exclaimed,
‘don’t you be bold - shut up dear and listen to me, I am your wife,

There came that man and he did shun all wisdom of which that wife had spun.
So in his years he did espy the wife's tears that ran away and life begun.

This is a story sad but true, did that wife run for you? Or did she see upon a field a rarer commodity? Oh no a Martin sang and old wife Sarah's life began.

Yet again she sat and stared and wondered in despair; was I right or was I wrong to run and share another bird’s song?

Time will tell and things may shape but God will show and that wife did escape. Right or wrong the deed is done and the wife's life has happily begun.

Wherever a head may lay souls in wait with no reply; that man that came has long past gone a new man is here and another tale also begun.

x For A Rose Madder x


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Poem Submitted: Saturday, April 10, 2010

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