Thermoregulation In Winter Moths Poem by B H Fairchild

Thermoregulation In Winter Moths

Rating: 3.3

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John Richter 15 April 2015

So entrenched in so many different directions, yet worded quite masterfully.... When I saw the word 'Thermoregulation' in the title I thought this might be some heady- brainy sort of writing that would require deep thought - scientific jargon to softly emasculate away my softer tones - my inner desire to envision beauty through poetry - finding that certain 'something' through emotion, not thought, that intense feeling of love and peace that our hearts desire intrinsically. Yet by the end of this poem I found only my heart touched, so incredibly and wonderfully so..... Very serene, and perfect choice for Poem of the day. Thank you poet, and poemhunter...

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Patti Masterman 15 May 2013

This is amazing. I'm glad I get to rid some of your stuff here. This is not soon to be forgotten.

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Martin O'Neill 06 March 2012

I am left quietly stunned by this. The way it is constructed, leading the reader on to the awful, soft climax. superb.

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Malaine HP 22 November 2006

This poem takes my breath away.

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B H Fairchild

B H Fairchild

Houston, Texas.
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