These Lips Have Kissed Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

These Lips Have Kissed

These lips have kissed the eyelids of the morn,
painted bright with rays of light newly born.
The gold twist of warm incense splits the sod
with wondrous waves of wind - the breath of God.

These lips have kissed with the rosiest hue
the soft slopes of skin bejeweled with dew.
The nape of night, the décolleté of day,
I lovingly kiss the shadows away.

These lips have kissed the ethereal wings
of sunrise splendor’s sweet imaginings
of heavenward hopes and happier spheres
where the blue silence sings to mortal ears.

These lips have kissed the fresh blossoming bud
of infinite truth that runs in our blood,
the petals of promise, the slants of stone,
echoes that whisper, ‘we are not alone.’

These lips have kissed each word of the story,
the cross, the crown, the glimmers of glory,
and branches that rise from each brave old tree.
These lips have kissed and been kissed. You, me: we.

These lips have kissed the earth, the sea and sky,
the what-if, the where, the who, when, and why,
the shadows of past and shadows of doubt.
I kissed the universe: within and out.

These lips have kissed heaven, its starry roof.
Stand still and listen if you must have proof.
Seek the lips that seek you; do not resist.
You too will sweetly sing, ‘these lips have kissed.’

L.J. Mooney 25 April 2009

This is a very good poem. Which is a rarity on this website. You describe the things you love and have touched in a very eloquent way. I especially liked the phrase 'kissed the eyelids of the morn.' Thank you.

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