Linda Marie Van Tassell Poems

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To All Of Those Who Made Me

Everything blooms in the mirror,
in stillwater eyes and cornsilk hair,
in the lamplight before the twilight
when all is asleep and unaware.

Autumn In Heaven

Autumn uplifts her golden samovar
spilling amber across the maple trees.
Her hair flutters like flaming cinnabar
or soft skeins of silk in the morning breeze.

A Drop Of Rain That Flows

I taste happiness on your lips, hear laughter in your sighs.
I see the heavens in your smile and sunlight in your eyes.
I feel a yearning in your touch and hunger in your kiss,
and nothing matters more to me than sharing all of this.

Always Silent

The morning is moist with ocean spray.
The islands, they twist around the bay;
and across them all, my eyes have scanned -
the rocky cliffs and the buttes of sand.

Daughter Of Rain

This water is like time slipping through my fingers.
Things that once were - no more - shall never be again.
Life lives in silence and sound, smiles and tears, lingers
in petals that find themselves drifting in the rain.

A Daughter Deflowered

The Scene: a dark basement in the shadow of night
where dirty, perverted things are done out of sight.
His stealthy, secret visits are furtively made
by the torch of his eyes and the tip of his spade.


Come! Give me your thoughts that have wandered far and long
in the realm of green meadows and the daisies' song
of love-me, love-me-not petals that shed their tears
beneath the hope of your touch and the joy of years.

My Father

Save mine eyes from the sight.
I have sought thee for nineteen years;
and hence, have found thee.
I grasp thee to my bosom e'er so tight,

The Ocean Is A Woman

The ocean is a woman turned to the skies,
spilling her thoughts along a shoreline of sand.
You will never know what hides behind her eyes
by skimming the surface and reaching dry land.

Speck (And I Am Born)

"You are not a drop in the ocean.
You are the entire ocean, in a drop."
~ Rumi

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