They Are Americans Too Poem by Randy McClave

They Are Americans Too

When Uncle Sam asked them to come
They showed up to protect our freedom,
Then when Uncle Sam asked them to fight
They did so, with all their might.
They fought and they also died for us
Now at them we want to hate and lie and cuss,
But, remember when Uncle Sam asked them to serve
They proudly did it without one worried nerve.
They always stand with their hand on their heart
When they pledge allegiance before any event does start,
And they are proud of the American flag
Never will they allow it or will want it to sag.
They salute the flag whenever it's unfurled and does wave
Because, this is the home of the free the proud and the brave,
And they proudly follow all the laws of the land
As it was written by our forefathers hand.
They are teachers, lawyers, doctors, nurses and politicians
They are actors, authors, singers, dancers and musicians,
And they are brothers and sisters, parents and cousins
And they are friends and neighbors by the dozens.
They work hard and they pay their taxes to Uncle Sam
For our great country they give a damn,
And they will forever stand for the Red, White and Blue
So, remember this, homosexuals are Americans too.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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