They Say Dreams Never Do Come True. Poem by Sylvi Hart

They Say Dreams Never Do Come True.

Rating: 4.6

They say dreams never do come true..
But they are wrong, I say they do
I dream of violence, I dream of hurt
I dream of children, they live in dirt
I dream of you, I dream of me
I dream of how this was never meant to be
I dream of my feelings, I dream of my thoughts
I dream of these things, I dream of them lots
I dream of my loved ones, I dream of the dead
I dream of these thoughts, exploding my head
I dream of you yelling, I dream of you crying
I dream of you hiding, I dream of you lying
I dream of you hurting, I dream of you shutting me out of your life
I dream of the of the only one I can trust, I dream of my knife.
They say dreams never do come true,
But they are wrong, I say they do.

Anonymous *plz comment! * 03 October 2008

wow i love this poem, its great and strong

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Mandy S 05 June 2009

Hey Sylvia. Great poem :) Really powerful. Good job & Thumbs up

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=Donna Oliver 23 August 2009

Touching, powerful... you know how to write a poem.

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Keva M. 23 October 2009

... :) great! what you have wrote is now coming into reality..just look into this world...

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Italo Etkin 09 October 2008

this is really a fantastic poem. great job with this

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Bhawani Dheer 09 August 2018

So nice poem I got 1st prize

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Patricia Farwell 18 February 2014

not all dreams are nice and sweet and comfortable- .anymore. than life is

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Akanksha Bhatt 01 October 2012

amazing really amazing.! . this is a great poem by a great poet! thumbs up! :)

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Ari Ryan 28 January 2011

That was great. Very deep and full of emotion. I could really feel where you were coming from, :)

3 5 Reply
Shanyn Austin 06 February 2010

that was really good... thumbs up! :)

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