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Once there was a dog named Snoppy,
He was so loyal to me.
Whenever I was there with him
his heart would leap up. he-hee.

Once I was getting very much bored
I asked my mind what to do dude
He said 'Sit quietly, doing nothing,
spring comes and the grass grows by itself'.

I don't know why he do that?
Which he should never do,
Why he let his parents out
Of which I'll never think about!

Simply its so beautiful
As you have made all these things.
You knew, whom to give legs to walk,
And To whom to give the wings.

Once I was standing near the road
Watching the ones who passed by.
Thinking one day when i'll go Abroad
And i'll talk to the foreinergs like hi and bye!

My mom says that
I'm too lazy,
No matter if the weather is
or is not hazy..

Simply beautiful, all these things You've made,
Warmth of the sun along with cool of the shade,
Whom to give legs to walk, whom to give wings,
Yes! You are Lord of Lords and King of Kings,

None was having time
to stand and stare.
Becoming so mean they said
'Huh! Why to care? '.

Whatever we'll say, we'll say only the truth.
We'll stay calm, no matter how much is the wrath.
We'll show pity on others as its done by Bishop,
We'll not let anybody hated, we'll not say any piffle.

Just sitting near window as what to do
Completed my homework and have a very good mood!
Watching my friends working in their groups
No work for me then what to do?

Those birds are playing Hide and Seek,
But one of them is very weak.
Now they start to compile,
Husk and grains with their peak.

I don't want to grow up,
because I want to just chill...
And also I can't bear a tension's hill....!

Akanksha Bhatt Biography

I am a 14 year old girl, from India and I'll be 15 on 27th November 2013. I write poems but I know that I don't write them properly and also not so well. So, Please help me by advising and correcting my mistakes. There are so many dreams of mine, as you can see in my very first poem 'So Many Dreams'. I want to become a great poet, writer, painter, singer (if possible) . and i just want to entertain people by my poems....and want to make the world and its people feel that..... Yes God Is One and the Religion which are made by God's children can not divide us...! .... I want to give a new message in every poem of mine.... which can help the world to change a little but Forever...! :) Thank You...! :) :) Keep Smiling :))

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The Difference Between Their Love

Once there was a dog named Snoppy,
He was so loyal to me.
Whenever I was there with him
his heart would leap up. he-hee.

We were so obsessed of each other,
He had never let me- on him- shout,
He was the one and the only one
I would not go out without.

We were so understanding to each other,
Not like all these men.
Who lives for only his sake,
Since when their life begins.
And this only makes the difference.

And on my return from school,
He was always hopping and jumping.
I would dropp my satchel down
And would go to him by running.

Our face would all fill with grin,
In my stomach he would tickle.
So delighting and so felicitous,
Then both of us would giggle.

He was the one who would make me gag,
I remember the first time we sang.
He would always slug me gently,
Whenever I would dusk with a bang.

We would enjoy every moment of life,
Playing and eating ice cream.
Then I wake up and realized,
'God! Was that just a dream'! ! !

Akanksha Bhatt Comments

Daniel Einstein 20 October 2012

I did, actually read your poems, great, all of them are, the longer you keep at it, the better you will become. I wish you the best of lucks, as you embark on this journey.

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Anshul Bhatt 23 October 2012

Dear Akanksha. I love your poems very much. There is spirituality filled in your poems. and also i love your direction to God. thank you so much for sharing your poems with all of us. Thank You :) Keep Smiling

2 1 Reply
Angel Lockwood 04 November 2012

Dear poet You are young and wise Health and wealth /...blessing bright future! Keep it up! !

7 4 Reply
Mariana Ketchum 31 October 2012

Ur a very Gud writer keep it up n keep ur head held high :) Ur friend, Mariana

2 4 Reply
Yash Shinde 27 October 2012

akanksha writes with her heart her emotions and she always conveys a great message in all her poems I like her style....may god bless her......keep writing always :)

3 4 Reply
Indranil Bhaduri 27 October 2012

A star in the making.. moving ahead rapidly. Great going and all the best

3 4 Reply
Akanksha Bhatt 25 October 2012

hello all of you. i request you to please dropp your comments about me and my poetry here...! please.! :)

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