Mason Word

Things - Poem by Mason Word

Good Evil
To hide to reveal
Light Dark
Extinguish Spark
Attracting and opposing
Order Chaos
Anarchy and Systematically
Hot Cold
Faded Bold
Within Without
Knowledge Doubt
Ignorance Smart
Instinct Heart
Soul Flesh
Gather Thresh
Reap So
Come Go
Here There
Break Repair
In Out
Handle Spout
Back Front
Enemy and Confidant
Sinner Saint
To be apart To congregate
Negative Positive
Hate Love
Hide Expose
Cast out and Bring in
End and Begin
Truth Lies
Desire Despise
Terrestrial E.T.
You and Me
Aid Destroy
Girl Boy
Happiness Despair
Bald Hair
Suffering Relieve
Bliss Grief
Agony Ecstasy
Discord Harmony
Peace War
Adore and Abhor
Human Beast
Come into being and Decease
Death Life
Comfort Strife
Different Same
Serious Game
Stage Loft
Hard Soft
To be To not
To rush in To plot
Hear Comprehend
Progress Descend
Bitter Sweet
Torment Treat
Yea Nay
What is and What may
Fact Opinion
Agreement Dissension
Clear Hypocritical
Short and Very tall
Black White
Day Night
Pure Corrupt
Talk more and Shut up
Eat Wretch
Carry to Fetch
Emptiness Being
Blindness Seeing
Optimistic Pessimist
Bright surroundings Foggy mist
Shroud Uncover
Sister Brother
Long Minuscule
Encourage Ridicule
New Old
Shrink down or Be bold
Ancient Modern
Whole Trodden
Lacking Complete
Victory Defeat
Success Fail
Heaven Hell
Uplift Shame
Infamy Fame
Hero Villain
Spare and Killing
Overcome Surrender
Pushover Contender
Newbie Vet
Stray Pet
Seasoned Bland
Misunderstood To understand
Move forward Digress
Turmoil Rest
Last First
For better or For worse

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Things. Many things. Opposites going to oppose.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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