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God Bless The Usa - Poem by Mason Word

God bless the USA
Land of the free and home of the brave
A nation filled with dreams and possibilities
A place where so many have fled to be safe
To start anew
To begin again
To escape wars, plagues, famines, and strife
So many people have come to this land to start a new life
This nation of America was founded by those that were oppressed
A people ruled by tyranny
A people that knew that the way they were being made to live was not the best
A people that wanted to live a new way
A people that were sick of it all and just had to break away
This nation was founded on the principles of equality
Of liberty, justice, and freedom for all
On the pursuit of happiness
Great and small
On the basis that the many
Would not be governed by the few
That people would have a voice politics
That democracy would be the way the things were done that were needed to do
Democracy means rule by the many
Democracy means a majority vote
Democracy means a voice for the masses
A voice that deserves to be heard
A voice that is now silent
A voice that today is taken in stride
What happened to you America
Why did you let democracy die
In this day and age
The many are governed by the few
The top one percent of the nation
Tells the other ninety-nine what to do
Why do we allow this
Why do we not try to rise above
Why do we sit by idly wishing to be heard
Wishing for a change to occur
When we are all just wasting our time
Why do we not take action
To make it known what we think
Why do we allow ourselves as a nation
To be brainwashed into thinking that everything is all OK
Why do we despair
When no one listens to our cry
Why do we put up with it all
When our founders fought for our rights
Why do we let it be done as it is now
Why do we all do as we do
When what we have was given to us
By those that also were governed by the few
By those that knew they were oppressed
By those that saw only darkness
And never the light of day
By those that wished for a difference
And fought for a change
We are in a time
And we are in a place
Where everything is again
How it was before on that day
That day in history
And that day in time
When the Englishmen set sail on that boat
To get away
To go
To start a new life
And to begin again
To escape the tyranny
Of the one that was called King
You see a King and his advisers
And the president and the cabinet now
Are one in the same
They both got things done as they wanted
And they both always got their way
They were both entities that either represented
Or today represent
The many that they were over
Whose voice made no difference
They were and are both systems
That are very systematic and that systematically oppress
The people that were and are ruled by them
Instead of doing for the people
What might be the best
The richer got richer
And the poor grew more and more in debt
The mighty got mightier
And the weak got squeezed until they had nothing left
The proletariat as it is called
They all wished for a change
Some of the lower classes in history rose up
And some ran away
The masses had a voice
And when it was ignored
That is when it later seemed to ring out more clear
Because when the people of a nation are unhappy
They eventually become a great force to fear
This nation is built upon unity
This nation is built upon fairness for all
This nation is founded by those that longed for better
By those that put their life on the line in a whole Revolutionary War
We fought against the British
We rose above and made a new way
We fought and we conquered
All of our demons
And we earned the right to be free
Now in this nation
Our worst enemy is ourselves
We let fools be voted into office
And we do not try to chase after betterment for our self
We are the many
That are ruled by the few
We are the oppressed peoples
But we are different from those of the past
Because we continue to allow the rulers to do what they want to do
We do not rise above
We do not try to break away
We continue to live this lie that is called the American Dream
We continue to comfort ourselves in the midst of this facade
We live a farce
We live a satire
We live in a land
A land of people with an overwhelming desire
A desire for real freedom
A desire for a genuine change
A desire much like the founders of this nation
That all came to America to get away
To get away from that which we have become
To start over
And not to be ruled by the few as it is now again done
To not live a lie
But to embrace the dream
The dream that they had
A dream of being able to be free
A dream that has
Long since passed away
With each new leader that takes office
That usurps the thrown in that place
In the big castle called the White House
In that house that is painted gray
Gray with all the dust the dream has collected
And with all the tears of those that have allowed it to all be thrown away
A White House that now represents
The rule that we once spurned
A dominant power of the few over the many
A thing that to get away from we had sojourned
A tyranny so great
And a tyranny so massive
That those of the past ran away and rose above it
And did not choose to be passive
A tyranny that ruled
With a stone rod and an iron fist
A tyranny that was still not as strong as that of today
Because that tyranny was still vulnerable
To those that did resist
Resistance seems to be futile
In this day and age
Or at least that is what they all
Want us to think and to say
They mask their evil intentions in goodwill
They hide their evil activities with publicity and fame
They say that the government is transparent
But we all know deep within
That you can not see through it to the slightest hint of day
All the policy and red tape
Has everything all strung together
Sewed and hemmed up tight
With a fine line
A thin thread
A tightrope that is walked
By those that are to blame
By those that try so hard to look good
And not present themselves in a bad way
By those that try so hard to keep us
In the dark that they all have us in
By those that do not care
That do not think the voice of the masses matters
That do not have the slightest fear
The slightest fear or inkling
Or shadow of a doubt
Of the power we are capable of
If we all were to really figure out
To figure out for ourselves
How naive we have all become
How we have allowed once again to take place
That which our founding fathers had ran from
We as a nation
We want a difference to be made
We long for a change
We know the way we are living now is not right
But yet we are not willing to try
To get back for ourselves what we let go down the drain
We are one nation
We say that we are under God
But in reality all I can see
Is the demons in office
We are ruled by the few
We allow one percent to hold all the wealth, strength, and power
We are satisfied to be stamped upon
We are content to be crushed and devoured
We are all sitting
Idly by and wallowing in our despair
But there has yet to come a time
To come an hour
Where we all rise up and fight
And are not scared
If we truly believed in a change
If we really wanted what was best
If we desired a good job to be done
We would all band together
And do it ourselves
We would fight for a nation
A nation that is not one big ironic sick joke
A nation that is truly united
And not divided by a ratio
Of ninety-nine to one
A nation where the voice of the many
Was a loud clarion vesper
That rang out from the land
A nation that was ruled by the many
A place that could become the real New World promised land
A nation in which the true majority vote
Was the tool used
And looked upon for the decisions that abound
And all happen to be at hand
A nation that is governed by the many
A nation whose citizens are all of one accord
A nation that sought the best for itself
And did not have to mask its malignant intentions and practices
By trying to seem like it looks out for the world
A nation that could be comprised of
The many that were ruled by the same
Instead of a nation that is ran by the few
In a system that is called politics
And treated as a game
We are the people
Whose voice is begging
And crying out to be heard
Who all want the same
All want those in power to recognize
Hear and comprehend our world
We are the people that are oppressed and thrown away
It is the solemn prayer of the nation
God bless the USA

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Poem about the condition of the USA and by extension the world

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