Mason Word

Deep, Long, And Untitled - Poem by Mason Word

I am bored
I am writing poetry
My next class does not start until 10am
Right now it just turned 9
I have nothing to do
But make these rhymes
You might call this freestyle
You might like to read prose
All I can say is that my heart knows
It is a cruel world
A tough life to life
There is balance in all things
You get what you give
The law of equivalent exchange
Just like in F.M.A
Held true in that show
And it holds true today
This is why the Golden Rule is starting to look more legit
In this cruel world
You truly do give what you get
It can be neither created nor destroyed
Momentum moves us all about
But the status quo never seems to give out
Energy is shifted
Energy moves on through
When will true equilibrium be achieved
When will people learn to just do as they do
Let the wicked be wicked
And let the good be good
For there is balance in all things
So just do as you think you should
Everything has a counter
We might not know when or where
But one day equilibrium shall be achieved
Until then I will continue to not care
These are all just ideals
Religion and land
Has got so many people killed
Wars and turmoil
Pain and strife
We all need something to cling to
To help us keep from taking our life
Ours truly is a miserable existence
But we must all press on
In the counter to this life now
Good awaits for those that overcome
So philosophical
But also so true
Newton's 3rd law
Says unto you
For every action
An equal and opposite reaction occur
What will you make of it
How will you view this cruel world
I have accepted the fact
That this life is miserable indeed
But there is balance in all things
And for those that make it
Good things await
And also fulfillment of all needs
Hopes and dreams are out there to be realized
All we have to do is open up our eyes
Grab the reins
Do not pass judgment on others
And carry on with our lives
Deep thought and deep waters
We are all in way above our heads
But there is balance in all things
So there is no need to dread
What comes up must go down
Good and evil
Right and wrong
Light and dark
None can exist without the other
Life is a trap
A paradox
A gateway to what might be to come
Death brings life
One door opens and something else is undone
For every bridge burned
Another bridge is built
Where will this life take us
And with what shall the next life be filled
Will the counterpart to this earth
Be filled with joy
Or suffering and pain
I know not
But I do hope for one day some piece of mind
Until that day comes
I will just wait and do what I do
There is no peace on earth for me
But I do have the next life to look forward to
There is balance in all things
When my time on this cruel world is over
I can only imagine what the counter to this existence will bring

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I was in front of a computer. Class at college was not until another hour. This happened then.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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