Think Of Those Truly Handicapped In Life... Poem by Dr John Celes

Think Of Those Truly Handicapped In Life...

When you are whole and formed so well,
With talents, skills galore,
How come you turn the world, a hell,
And keep complaining more?

When you've a body beautiful,
A frame others covet,
Why make your life miserable,
And fall in devil's debt?

When mind is sound and not insane,
And sleep is good at night,
Why turn your every boon, a bane,
And slip away from light?

When limbs are wholesome and agile,
And eyes have lovely sight,
Why don't you walk that extra mile,
And contribute your mite?

When ears can hear the whispered sound,
And appetite is good,
Why walk on marshy evil ground,
And spoil your daily mood?

When blessed you are by grace of God,
And walk on level lanes,
Why sin and invite Maker's rod,
And seek improper gains?

Just look around and watch the world
Of handicapped brethren;
Protect them from abuses hurled,
And from the lion's den.

Why cat-walk ramps revealing frame
To rouse the sexual fires?
To keep your body nude's, a shame,
Evoking wrong desires.

The limbless live with honesty,
The blind speak words so wise;
The disabled toil sincerely,
Avoiding every vice.

The handicapped need immense love
Of human beings near;
Encourage them with kind words now,
And wipe away their tear.

Thank God for being born well-formed,
And help those unlucky;
Alert in life and well informed,
Make all others happy.

Copyright by Dr John Celes 2-08-2014

Saturday, August 2, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Dr John Celes

Dr John Celes

Tamilnadu, India
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