This And/Or That Poem by Morgan Michaels

This And/Or That

When my masculine talks to your masculine, watch out-
We wind up butting heads and can agree on nothing,
Both eager to lead, slow to follow.

When my feminine talks to your feminine, beware-
We horrify each other's apathy and get nothing done,
Each inclined to leave it up to the other.

But when my masculine talks to your feminine
Or when your masculine lectures my feminine
Then we have something, Bonnie. Then we walk together.

How rude of Western lore to say, sticking a pin in a map,
'Here-you are here.' As if our human hearts were a subway
And we needed to be told where we be.

It's not like what silly religions say-
Those murderous carry-overs from a former day
When everyone plowed or milked cows and dwelt on farms.

A little of this, a little of that
Is what we the people are. When will the West wake up?
People are neither gods, devils, boys, girls, white, black,

But in spite of Deuteronomy, a little of both:
Shame, ironically, an import from the East-
All neurosis rooted in the shame of being,

Or the trauma of being not.
You only live once. Make it good. Be of good cheer.
Man, learning this, may indeed survive.

Doing unto others as you'd have them do unto you
Is probably still the best basis for morality.
Oh, and Moderation in all things. Essentially Greek.

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