Elizabeth Rabbit

This Girl I Know - Poem by Elizabeth Rabbit

There's this girl I know, she's best friends with my mates sister, I barely even get the chance to talk to her; but I find myself going to my mates house just on the off chance I'll she her.
I've heard she's been hurt, had a man force himself upon her, she's still hurting I can see it evey time I look at her, too scared to get close to anyone in case the pain all comes flooding back again, if only she knew I'd do anything to stop the pain, take the hurt away, but I can't she won't let me, she doesn't trust men.
I know it's madness to feel the way I do, but this girl I know, I've never meet anyone like her before, so innocent I don't know how she got in with our crowd, I wanna wisp her away, rescue her before she turns into one of us, she's already drinking daily, won't be long until she picks up our ways, starts scrounging money for class A's.
There's this girl I used to know, she was so pure, innocent and naive, I never told her how I felt, then I moved away, I often thought about her, years went by before I saw her, only she wasn't the girl I used to know, I wouldn't of even known her if i hadn't seen her eyes, I recognised the sadness hidden in her gaze, she looked old before her time, with three young children besides her, when I'd known her she couldn't stand a man to touch her. She went into a almost derelict block of flats and with that the girl I'd known was gone, gone from my life forever, I'd tried to find her a few days later only to find the flats boarded up all the tenants long gone.
There's this girl I used to know, the sweetest thing I've ever meet, been abused, gone through such a lot, she's been trapped in the system now, lost her identity, just a number, just a statistic, a problem to be passed along, all hope ofanything better long gone; I've gotta help her, this is wrong. I try to track her down, it doesn't take long, just a few days later as i walk down the streets, there's a boy selling the big issue, I see her face
Oh god how could I miss you? The picture from when you were younger, I'd taken it myself, blonde hair blowing behind you, a wide cheeky grin on your face, the rest of the picyure cut out, I remembered it well though, you'd been holding a bottle of vodka outside big ben from when we had a day trip there, that was the last time i saw you before I moved away, such a happy memory now tainted by the heading above, I couldn't stop the tears flood down my cheeks as I read it, you'd been my first love but now...

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 28, 2012

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