Brielle Aponte

This Is Me - Poem by Brielle Aponte

I write so that I can lose myself
Then build myself up
I write to tell the unspoken words that I keep bottled up
I spit the fire my heart yearns to release
I'm going to chew up all these other poets and show ‘em what makes my brain twist and turn with endless paths that all lead to a dead-end
Listen to the words as I turn them into phrases
It'll take you awhile to digest the story that dances upon your ears as soon as they enter my mind and erupt from my mouth
I don't care anymore
I'm going to roar and burst with the words that I kept in storage
The words devour me and wrap me in a blanket that keeps me warm at night
They hug me tight because it's too cold outside
And without them, my heart would no longer beat and would stay in its cage
This is my release and I'm ‘bout to explode
I fly and soar with my delicate words
Words that are as strong as bricks and light as feathers
This is my escape and sanctuary
It keeps me hidden and comforted
These are my words and my life
They come out like fireworks, sparking flames that dance with the air
These words are my voice that whisper and lurk in the dark
This is my voice, which will stand alone in the rain and swallow all my pride
This is my voice
And my voice only.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, July 4, 2014

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