This Is War Poem by J M. Basey

This Is War

I'm just a normal guy,
Yet here I stand,
In a country in turmoil,
Get me out of this forsaken land.

Why did I sign up?
I had a great plan,
Yet for my country,
I march on gun in hand.

When only last week,
A dear friend of mine was laid to rest,
Listen up Mr President!
This whole war is a bloody mess.

Please listen to me,
Get us out of here,
Before the children of a murdered father,
Start shedding their tears.

I just shot a normal man,
Before I did, I looked into his eyes,
I saw through his disguise,
Deep down inside, he was terrified.

Yet still he was going to kill me,
For his leaders beliefs,
So I had no choice,
I blew his head off for my country.

You call this freedom?
I call this pain,
And when we're all done,
We all know, including your Mr President,
That this country is never going to be the same.

I'll keep on saying that,
Until my face is really sore,
Still I'll keep marching on,
'Cos at the end of the day this is war.

By Jay Basey © 2006

Yaseen Anwer 02 January 2010

What a fine poetry...........Great work, ! ! Good Luck ahead

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J M. Basey

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