Broken Heart's Poem by J M. Basey

Broken Heart's

Rating: 5.0

Why do I help you?
When it is my time you waste
Oh this pill
Leaves such a bitter taste

I want to find out
If you are okay
But just lately
You have had nothing to say

I’m just letting you know
That I deeply care
This game you’re playing with me
Is so god damn unfair

I’ve had enough
I’m getting old
I no longer see innocence
That hasn't already been sold

You say that you’re fine
And i just die again
Please let go
Of this ongoing pain

I see your spirit burning
Like books thrown into the fire
And you’re the one
Who labels me a liar

Take a good hard look
At yourself in the mirror
Do you feel cold?
Cos you are starting to shiver

Let me know
What’s on your mind?
I want to help you
Don’t leave me behind

I can see right through
Those shallow eyes
You can’t hide
Behind your disguise

Lean on me
When you cry
Please don’t live your life
As an incessant lie

I know the words
Have already been spoken
But don’t leave me yet
Whilst are hearts
Are badly bruised and broken

I never found out
How she could keep herself hidden away
I just wish that
She would have stayed

By Jay Basey © 2009

J M. Basey

J M. Basey

Brisbane, Queens, Aus
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