This Memory Poem by Alexander Julian

This Memory

A show was in this memory.
It looked vague, abstract, and unlikely.
Moves with difference between them occurred all at once in my head.
A man would be two feet near and six feet away in one single moment.
By viewing it I was also forgetting.
Now I've looked up the video over the internet.
The show is different from what I've remembered.
Fireworks, limbs, beats, hair, pink, guns, and eyes weren't remembered.
My memory was like an alternative in visual style over the radar.
Truth can't always be exactly secured.
Our minds don't warp in absolute references.
Yet, we might try.
So often there's attempt in digging up facts and pieces of information.
An old experience can be like a rotating needle along a spinning record.
The record player's needle must scratch, pop, and dig for information.
Isn't the human mind pretty much just flesh and bone?
We have spirits for belonging materials.
But, it takes a human mind for anyone to "grasp" the information.
Many spirits have been through wear and tear from the very beginning.
Dust is the building for an overpass.
Time, pressure, and weight vary from person to person.
A mind can sink in blood enough for vague points of contrast.
For this reason, we should be careful of even supposing freedom.
Opportunities in their kind may be coating a dark sheet.
Favorite colors are typical in a bad picture.
People show their individualisms by their drawings of rainbows.
Nations have been at war in their colorful slogans.
Colors, shapes, and sizes vary by memory and the memory can be new.
We don't shower in our heads and we don't paint in there either.
Does the flow of blood in our heads help create the picture or memory?
Blood flows in me even when I'm not paying attention.
So, ignorance flows in blood, focus moves in circulation, rolls off the tongue.
Truth for this reason can't be our whole existence.
Certain types of existence get arrived at from lies and opinions.
A person can tell the truth for something he or she lied about.
It gets pretty technical and quality must be proof under habit.
There's a great deal of competition over facts.
Just think of "nutrition facts"- we're still mysterious creatures to some health.
My whole, entire nutrition is allegorical and little makes sense.
Sickness gets very mythological and digestive.
We must try.
That's mostly all we can do.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: dreaming,existence,head,headache,human being,human brain,individualism,individuality,life
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