This Untold Story Poem by Little King of Sorrows

This Untold Story

My dearest friend,
I knew thee too well,
so when you came a calling,
how quickly I fell.

Youthful adventures,
that gave us our start,
long thought forgotten,
still danced in our heart.

Star speckled nights,
so many we claim,
the spirits that found us,
too many to name.

Was it just drugs,
that gave us our dreams,
the visions we shared,
so common it seems.

No rhyme and no reason,
swift footed we flee,
far from tin castles,
the chains we broke free.

My kin-folk amongst us,
your father in tow,
well aware of the dangers,
still choosing to go.

You still not of age,
and I still a pup,
stated by many,
of the cracks in our cup.

But with smiles and laughter,
we drank up our youth,
right or wrong it meant nothing,
for we were the truth.

And then came that winter,
when our light was no more,
domesticated we lived,
and could no longer soar.

Our love turned to ashes,
consumed by our flame,
our legacy picked apart,
by spreading the blame.
The pages were written,
no sequel in sight,
years of brief meetings,
is all we would write.

A decade had passed,
so many lessons between,
so friends we became,
behind the veil of a screen.

Not talking too often,
our distance we kept,
perhaps we both sensed,
the monster that slept.

Awoken one night,
by a message of pain,
' mama's sick and it hurts'
The thought drove me insane.

How can I sit by,
while my friend is in tears,
no harm I could see,
I banished my fears.

A smile and a prayer,
I clicked it to life,
never hoping for more,
but to help ease the strife.

For a time in between,
I lost a treasure so pure,
when my son left this world,
through pain I endure.

An understanding was found,
within this book of face,
and the agony was felt,
by a love long replaced.

Alone by the river,
through the day and the night,
nobody to hug you,
just didn't seem right.

A quick visit spoken,
to help give you hope,
I agreed to come hither,
for friends are my dope.
Life was on hold,
all time I forgot,
as deep in your soul,
I continued to trot.

Talking at length,
in just a few days,
all other options,
got lost in the haze.

My empathy confused me,
in waves it washed in,
bringing with memories,
that tempt me to sin.

Together deciding,
this time we can't end,
you unwed your finger,
for a catchy new trend.

The meaning unclear,
we sang through the night,
the shadows of darkness,
invaded by light.

A message of hope,
is what we endeared,
of love never dying,
but then it got weird.

The sadness took toll,
this monster free of its leash,
demons and shadows,
and gnashing of teeth.

Too many feelings,
to make head or tail,
friendship forgotten,
I drove in the nail.

Like thunder it echoed,
our coffin complete,
the very next morning,
I took back to the street.

Our story lay rest now,
as the months pass us by,
but weekly the tears,
still flood from my eye.
Betrayed by my heart,
so common my theme,
but the sting of this sonnet,
so easily seen.

Like a zombie I mope,
seeing nothing but flesh,
never eating of feelings,
no matter how fresh.

Friendship or love,
we couldn't decide,
all of it lost and gone,
except the tears I have cried.

© 2013 L.K.Sorrows

Sometimes people leave our lives and never return. And usually that is best for all. But what happens when someone keeps appearing throughout the years despite all odds. I had an experience of a lifetime i will never forget, the memories dotted throughout my history abruptly came to what im sure is the ending that is best for all involved. But the memory still there nonetheless.
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