Little King of Sorrows

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Little King of Sorrows Poems

1. The Logic For A Mess To Start 1/26/2013
2. Simple Poem 1/26/2013
3. Bittersweet Death 1/26/2013
4. Vow Of Adoration 1/26/2013
5. Ode To The Sheeple 1/26/2013
6. This Untold Story 1/27/2013
7. T.J.S. My Little Angel 1/27/2013
8. A Place To Rest My Soul 1/27/2013
9. Troy's Birthday Poem (2008) 1/27/2013
10. When A Guy Misses You. (Author Unknown) 1/27/2013
11. This Blue Moon 1/28/2013
12. Unspoken Heroes 1/29/2013
13. Closure 1/31/2013
14. Today 1/31/2013
15. Yes Or No, Sort Of, Maybe, Patiently Waiting, Of Someone, Who May Just Love To Hate Me. 2/3/2013
16. Mirror Mirror 2/6/2013
17. Bittersweet Confusion 2/6/2013
18. A-Z 2/6/2013
19. Writer's Block 2/6/2013
20. So The Story Go 2/11/2013
21. Good Morning Broken Heart (Revised) 2/13/2013
22. All Said And Done 2/13/2013
23. Peace Treaty 2/21/2013
24. A Friend Forever 2/21/2013
25. Tick Talk 2/22/2013
26. You Will Never Know 2/22/2013
27. The Walk 2/25/2013
28. It Just Is 2/25/2013
29. R.I.P. Alter Ego 2/25/2013
30. Divided States 2/25/2013
31. A Victim Of The Moment 1/25/2013
32. The Life For Me 2/25/2013
33. The End 2/26/2013
34. Everything 2/27/2013
35. Poem 44 Haiku 2/27/2013
36. Haiku Practice? 2/28/2013
37. A Fork In The Road 2/28/2013
38. Set Aflame 3/4/2013
39. Boredom 3/4/2013
40. Poemhunter 3/6/2013
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My Siblings

The oldest child, I am of four. Without the others, I'd be no more.
They pick me up, they shove me down, they make me smile, they make me frown.
My greatest friends! I love so much. A life of hell, we've seen so much.
And through it all. It brings me pride. The bond we feel. Forever tied.
While many sibs, are filled with hate. It's not for us, we can't relate.
Stuck in the middle, our parents behavior. The other the bad guy, but neither a savior.
Year after year, abuse and neglect, childhood unstable, we all now reflect.
Step-parents and juvies, through years split apart,...

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A Victim Of The Moment

As the winter moon reflects upon the icy river valley,
a soul searches the darkness of his own mind,
where the water of life and resource once flowed abundant,
has frozen over with the changing of the seasons.
A victim of the moment.

The trees, naked and transparent, fall prey to the ever-changing winds,
even among the protection of its own kind, still portrays a lonely and lifeless chill,
far from the summer breeze that tickled it's leaves with joy and meaning,

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