Little King of Sorrows Poems

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A Place To Rest My Soul

Life for me was hollow,

Color's were just a shade,


Beautiful! Inside you I see! Just warming up with the A and the B.

Craving your voice, I missed you so much,

A Victim Of The Moment

As the winter moon reflects upon the icy river valley,
a soul searches the darkness of his own mind,
where the water of life and resource once flowed abundant,
has frozen over with the changing of the seasons.

A Friend Forever

Through all I said, and all I've shown,
you must know by now your not alone.
I come and go just like a wave,
Not one to hold you like a slave.

Puzzled Love

Another clue. Or maybe two.
Steadily I followed you.
A new years wish.
A summer loss.


Could it be you?
Could it be true?

Give me the case,

Between You, The Moon, And Me.

Riding a prayer to the man on the moon.
My soul is in anguish.
By love lost too soon.
We could've had it all.

Chips Ahoy

At the ripe old age of 4.
She stands there at the door.
Carebear suitcase packed and ready.
Dora fruit snacks and her teddy.

Unspoken Heroes


Perseverance was born of a long life of hardship.
Born with only one leg, which had only 4 toes, he still inched his way to whatever destination he desired no matter the distance or the time it took. For he was able to take the time to admire this rocky bottom in which few had crouched to look. And became a well published author of these things unseen.

My Siblings

The oldest child, I am of four. Without the others, I'd be no more.
They pick me up, they shove me down, they make me smile, they make me frown.
My greatest friends! I love so much. A life of hell, we've seen so much.
And through it all. It brings me pride. The bond we feel. Forever tied.

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