Pen Pal Poem by Little King of Sorrows

Pen Pal

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Saving my spot within your eye,
it's worth a shot, its worth the try.
Am I allowed, within your heart?
Can poetry tear this wall apart.
Upon the wings of dream and prayer,
will you accept the love I'm sending there?
If poem pal you grant for me,
I'd never ask for more to be.
Never a quiet time to write,
It's true my world still burns too bright.
A soul on fire, aflame for you,
could I be a distant star for you?
A hug that you shall never hold,
yes I claim to be so bold.
If healing came so quick and fast,
I'll leave you now and be the past.
But truth be told, don't think I should,
this ending isn't tasting good.
So far I came, through miles and years,
to clutch your heart, to wipe your tears.
A time of loss, so bitter-sweet,
I laid my love down at your feet.
A fool I played, but for you alone,
in your name, I'm trouble prone.
But that's the way I chose for us,
no matter if my name you cuss,
you'll always be the one I claim,
because of you I'm not the same.
So give an out, so I can breathe,
when my thoughts within begin to seethe.
Maybe with some feeling shown,
I won't have to guess the truth alone.
But writing is the way I talk,
These painful steps I still must walk.
Here and there, don't let this end.
I miss you so, my soul-mate friend.

© 2013 L.K.Sorrows

Babatunde Aremu 23 February 2013

Nice poem, I like it] keep writing

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