Francis Duggan

Those Cruel To Animals - Poem by Francis Duggan

Those cruel to animals can be cruel to people they find their pleasure on inflicting pain
For cruelty to the cruel is a power thing gratification from seeing their victims suffer they gain
Cruel people they have lost their human compassion the window to their soul shaded to light
They even are bordering on the psychotic in distinguishing on what is wrong from right,
Those cruel to animals surely are powerless people when they behave in such a cruel way
If you are cruel to poor defenceless creatures respect to human life you cannot pay
The people who have genuine compassion could hardly bring themselves to harm a fly
The right to life to any living creature is something they would not wish to deny,
Those cruel to animals are themselves quite cowardly they are the people that are not hard to cower
What causes them to be cruel in the first place is that they feel helpless in their lack of power
They get their kicks in causing animals to suffer and derive great pleasure from their cruelty
In some ways they deserve for to be pitied since they seem to have lost their humanity,
Yes the people who cause animals to suffer a saving grace in them is hard to find
And without reflecting far too harshly on them they do little for the race of human kind.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 20, 2008

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