Nadalia Bagratuni

Those Were The Days- The 1970's

Of the way we were,
Faded photographs,
Hostages in Iran,
Interested rates out of the roof,
Mortgage rates galore,
Billy Beer and so much more.

Oh that is the memories I adore,
Interest rates soar,
Almost hitting 24%,
Gas Lines, Gas Shortages,
Crashed helicopters in the desert,
And there is so much more!

Energy crisis is here,
However, never you fear,
Wear a sweater,
Oh, it won't help but
You will feel so much better!

Controlled the House,
Controlled the Senate,
Controlled the White House,
Those are the Memories I remember.

How many of us would trade those good old days
For today?
To quote the raven, ' Nevermore! '

If this is what some celebrities forgot to mention,
I believe it does need to draw our attention.
The old liberal democratic policies
Are tired- this true,
However, we should remember this,
They were not good for me and you!

Poem Submitted: Sunday, March 5, 2006

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2,8 out of 5
25 total ratings
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