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War, What Are We Fighting For?

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When in the course of human events, we choose to go to war, why do we choose to do what we do.

In the interest of a lasting peace,
We will go into war,
Has anyone ever simply asked what do we do it for?

Can the answer possibly be as simple as this more dead bodies, and a few less grins.

However it is very interesting to note, This time it is different, this is no Vietnam!
We are not bogged down in the jungle,
We are not fighting knee high in rice fields.
This time the war has been brought
To our very own home ground

As the terrorists so insightfully knew,
Americans swore to get even as our great WTC blew.

Now the terrorists awakened a giant and with all of our might,
We entered Afghanistan to put an end this fight,

We started in Afghanistan,
We are now headed to Iraq

Why stop there are we all done?
How about North Korea, Iran, or some place else?
How can you ever know when we are through?
Is it even possible to do what we are trying to do?

Can you ever win,
Or could you even loose,
If you didn't do anything would that even do!

This is the question about me or you,
Do you really want to start a war that will end Sometime in our grand children's lifetime?
Would a short war instead be better?

My motives are pure, we have been under attack,
Sure we should return and fight back.
And storm the very gates of the capital of Iraq!

My question posed here is not actually new,
All I ask is this what can we do?

Can you stop all wars and make people not fight,
Can you always tell people just to do right!

The answers are simple, the problems are complex,
Just how can we get ourselves out of this mess?

What have we learned in Vietnam,
That we possible could do this time around.

Have we learned that maybe we should fight against this pest
Fight against terror, put them to rest!

War. what are fighting for,
We are fighting to live more.

We simply can not go and let things boil over
Watch without action any more.

Our fight is against terror,
Our mission is clear,
This is clearly a war we will win.
War, could it be we are actually fighting it to save me and you!

In a book published by a future President in 1940, entitled When England Slept,
John Kennedy wrote that sometimes in history is it duty of democracies to stand up and fight for freedom.

Could it possibly be, this is the time,
This is the place, this is the war, and this is out fight!

Brian 13 January 2019

You're an idiot.......... no concept of the real life

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