Thought Reform

A reminder changes your brain.
Every brain should have a mind that may need a reminder.
The memory washes, rinses, and dries your brain.
Imagery from it typically reveals an exaggeration of your past experience.
Nothing is real- it's very much like a dream.
Your mind changes from the memory and new emotions are felt.
It's a kind of brainwashing.
After all, you're not at that event or whatever happened anymore.
However you may feel you still have true relations to the past experience.
What's past is past.
Memories can fool us into thinking "we're still there".
Depression can occur from a sinking, floating memory.
Or, if it's not depression, it's a false emotion about the original experience.
People have memories most of the time.
Therefore, we're naturally brainwashing ourselves as victims of circumstance.
A memory doesn't exactly come to your awareness with permission.
Guys can change.
So it does take a real guess on how to have the most accurate memory possible.
Even then, your brain has changed, and has grown into a new brain.
Personality revolves on memory very much.
We remember what we've done while not actually experiencing the past again.
As such, memory would make a very poor time machine.
You live 24/7, but you don't remember from 24/7 of 24/7.
Memory doesn't just depend on will.
In fact, you'll have certain memories whether you want them or not.
And, can brainwashing involve undesired thoughts or memories?
Someone can brainwash him- or her-self.
Psychological effects increase or decrease in massive amounts over the years.
Bias becomes more and more apparent the longer someone lives.

Sunday, September 8, 2019
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