Thousand Days Poem by Jhane Reyes

Thousand Days

Rating: 5.0

Thousand days of hanging in the cold wild tree
Even the bright rainbow why hooded eyes can't see?
Like a butterfly gliding with the bee
But not synchronize like it should be

Thousand days had passed and dead
But still standing in the same muzzy head
Embracing the throes waiting how this will end
Both like a bamboo tree that afraid to bend

Thousand days of holding back from the silent cast
In midnight sky written those doleful past
All lies are the music that bait to trust
Make to believe in castle that made of dust

Thousand days of playing in the games of uncertain
Faith and endurance are the sweetest chain
And every chances have tried in vain
The war start between heart and brain

Thousand days had enough of this journey
The chasing of fate in the maze of vanity
All the puzzle memories in the garden of mystery
Its now the final page of the same old story

Anna 27 July 2022

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Jayne Louise Davies 27 July 2022

Congratulations on Member Poem Of The Day! Great write x

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