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Beam of golden sun gives me strength to stand and fight
Unfettered from forlorn past that makes me somber in night
In sailing at river of melancholy heading to the island of bliss
Repent from done and undone a crap must sweep and burn

Boundless ecstasy you showered in me
With tenderness gesture asking for a dance
It seems the world created just for us
Even the music missed what it was

Ang akala ko noo’y simpleng paghanga
Ang nadarama ng pusong bata at mura
At sapat na ang siya’y makita
Na agad nagdudulot ng sigla’t saya

I start to scream and cry
Such a fool willing to die
Why this life is full of lie
It’s a nightmare I can't deny


A sweet simple lassie
Bloom into alluring lady
A winning smile goes guy crazy
An every man’s dream and fantasy

Should I keep on loving him?
Though didn’t know he feels the same
Or should take the risk of foolish game
Even it’s unfair no one could blame

When I saw you walking down the street
Strange but you made my day complete
Suddenly stunned when our eyes are met
A moment I'll treasure and never forget

When I feel that I’m alone
In this world where I belong
Need someone to lean on
But nobody can count on

From simple admiration
Then always in my imagination
Till become my inspiration
To reach my ambition

How can I forget that momentous summer?
A season when my eyes get shimmer
In every fleet glance give with primmer
But when you’re near I become stammer

Every little thing I do
I’m very proud to show you
It you really appreciate
And telling that I am great

Thousand days of hanging in the cold wild tree
Even the bright rainbow why hooded eyes can't see?
Like a butterfly gliding with the bee
But not synchronize like it should be

A great pretender I may be
For hiding what inside of me

Misty eyes make dazzling and shine

Ang bawat nilikha sa balat ng lupa
Lahat dumaranas ng matinding pagluha
Kung ngayo’y kalungkutan ang binabata
Bukas makalawa’y ibayong saya

Believin’ I could win if keep hide what I feel
Ignore the consequences that might hurt and kill;
Such a strong and brave which they admire and will
But a frail and weak which is hard to reveal;

Sadden moment makes an obscure wits
Pound confusions, doubts and fears
Panting in grudges that hounding at night
Listening the sound of tears by unceasing crux

Sailing in tempestuous world
Nobody can see anguish of heart

Listening the sound of loneliness


Aboard beside the window staring nothingness
Playful wind blow you near to end loneliness
Draw the smile in my face and crushed sadness
Paint the rainbow in my life and filled emptiness

It’s not an ordinary day but a disastrous history
When typhoon ONDOY dropped pounds of water
That makes the day spooky and horrible for everyone
When muddy water got high and wrecked shelters,

Can you be my moon
that can count on in solitary night

Can you be my falling star

Jhane Reyes Biography

I'm just a simple person but have a lot of dreams.... i love challenges, adventures and to travel, wandering beautiful sceneries and places., .. I'm not a good poem writer, i do writing because this is what my heart feels and what my mind tells.....)

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***nature Gems***

Beam of golden sun gives me strength to stand and fight
Unfettered from forlorn past that makes me somber in night
In sailing at river of melancholy heading to the island of bliss
Repent from done and undone a crap must sweep and burn

Lying in emerald meadows beneath a crawling cotton clouds
That tranquil my drawn soul from the battle of stormy life
Keep believing and trust though once filched of betrayal
Efface dire memories in wits and sow forgiveness in heart

The sapphire sky gives me hope for a bright tomorrow ahead
A vast paper of dream and crayon of fervor for oodles scheme
Inspiration of reverie in taking humpy road to meet the zenith
Minder from prickly trail and an aide when droop and fumble

A crystal clear of trickling stream a sound blow the misery
A humming made me sing till lighten grudges and burden
A chimes waking me up from illusion to the reality of life
A mirror of hope, dream, happiness, and the splendor world

Heady scents of garnet blooming roses embrace me tight
Cure my solitude, vanish the uncertainty and foolish fear
Whiff slacken the pain that bop inside and drained my tears
Blend in benevolence to flourish love that linger in spirit

A nature gems that shines my life for a brand new start
Throw away the history that penned poignant memories
Strengthen by an ordeal that poured of past cruel years
A lady with a smile even eclipse dare to flaunt each day

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Maricel Martinez 25 August 2008

i dont know where to start, you are so nice not only a cousin but also a poem writer. Thanks for everything, for inspire and encourage me to write a poem...for believing me that i have a talent. hope you won't change. again thanks for everything... god bless! ! ! best wishes, Ycel/MM

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