Three Score And Ten Poem by Gary James Smith

Gary James Smith

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Three Score And Ten

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Three Score And Ten

I've hit my three score and ten
In fact I'm one year past
And ofttimes when I reminisce
Boy it sure went by fast
Remembering as a youth
When I would think upon old age
And wonder.. How old will I live?
Before I leave earth's stage

And the blessing of it all
I came to know my God
And worshipped Him as Jesus Christ
The Written and Living Word
Praise God my heart beheld Him
As to who the Saviour was
And I repented of my sin
To own His worthy cause

He came to seek and save the lost
Show me another as such
Who even though we didn't love Him
He loved us very much
And faithful and true to His Word
Humbling Himself from Deity
He came and dwelt amongst sinner's
Sinner's like you and like me

And manifesting a love not of this world
He came to save His Creation
And offered up Himself as a sacrifice
To provide a so great Salvation
God in Christ reconciling the world
It was He.... Heaven's highest grace
Who for the sins of this whole world
He took the sinner's place

And faith became our Victory
On our belief in Christ the Son
The Holy Spirit enlightening us
As to the work He had done
He took our place at Calvary
And met the laws demands
But was not held captive to its penalty
For praise God He rose again

What Redemption in that Saviour
Hallelujah for the cross
He has given us a blessed hope
That shall never suffer loss
For in the Father's hands are we
No safer place to gather
I have lived to enjoy His gift
In the presence of gray matter

So old age I enjoy you
Praise God for three score and eleven
My destination securely reserved
For I'm on my way to heaven
Lord bless others with the insight
To seek You while You may be found
And know the joy of sins forgiven
And their future glorybound!

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Gary James Smith

Friday, April 6, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Kumarmani Mahakul 06 April 2018

Remembering youth and having love for God both unite in expression in this poem as you have achieved your three score and ten. This poem is definitely very brilliantly penned. An amazing sharing is done really...10

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Gary James Smith

Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
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