Sunday, November 26, 2006

Threw My Eyes

I'm the girl watching as the world gets colder
With the long blonde hair draped over her shoulder
Caught in the middle as the problems arise
Seeing the world fall apart threw my very eyes
As a deep believer I follow my heart
Knowing and excepting loss right from the start
Emotions grows and emotions dies
Seeing the world threw running mascara eyes
The hearts are braking and the backs are turning
All striving within the lesions we're learning
Sharing love between a hug and beneath a kiss
Showing in my eyes all the people that I miss
The things I hold dear are simply a reminder
Within all the memories no one could be kinder
Threw my eyes I see as hearts brake down
From all the heartless people who went to town
I am one among the crowed I cry and I bleed
I'm just like the rest I fail when I want to succeed
True friends see when I'm wrong and mistaken
But few see when I'm fallen and shaken
I confused what is right and what is wrong
I was lost but some how I know where I belong.
There are scars hurting both body and soul
I guess just destiny and fate taking there toll
There my eyes I see that on the words we're choken
Watching as hearts, trust, and promises are broken
I sit as I wonder where all the trust has gone
Watching as the dreadful movie plays on
Threw my eyes I see your love and affection
Shows me that you can see past my imperfection
The smile on my face but the pain in my eyes
Watching as faith lives and dies
Answers are close just an inch from my fingertips
Holding tight to hope although it slips and slips
There my eyes I see as the world keeps changing
I see every kind of look we're exchanging
The pain comes and it goes but hidden beneath a smile
A smirk and a giggle all apart of denial
We're all afraid to be trustful and show all
To scream and let each tear fall
Threw my eyes I see you, a piece of my heart
One of the biggest and most loving part
The one I always looked for but suddenly found
The guy that helped me up off the ground
Threw my eyes I see the answers but they are all blurred
The answers to the questions often heard
Inside my chest my heart rips and rips
The confession locked away behind my lips
Threw my eyes I see how people take and take
Now I see that perfection is a mistake
Michelle Guza

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