Through The Debris Poem by Michael Eziudo

Through The Debris

I am a mortal
Held bound by the weaknesses that control the soul
Loathing the choices that control my deals
And loathed by the deals of with I stay no longer at ease
See it is my weakness and you must love me

I am a liar
Deceit I wear over me as my skin's hair
When I tell the truth it is a lie I'd told myself over time
And I don't care the cost of my words on the bearer if they be a slime
You see this some more my weakness still you must love me

I am a flirt
I go after all not minding if they live in slum or dirt
Your presence with me the heart to go some more
But will you leave me to perish the more
When you know that path I tour digs my grave
And my passion and whim they wish to enslave
You mightn't wish to share me but it's my weakness and you must love me

I am irresponsible
With my styles and thoughts a stupid principle
Have I taken you seriously before, have I for once cared
Even when hunger massages in your stomach and makes your skin hide
And other factors even men maltreat you before me I snub
And your tears flow from endless sub
Take a sigh and hiss now as you get used to me as is my weakness and you must love me

I am a murderer
The type that snuffs souls out of life of the calmed or wonderer
The filth that stings the death
The stench that stinks like the demon's breath
The pinch that feels like the stings of the scorpion
Ha ha, the brutal destroyer that hits with random selection
I care not whose the next victim a weakness you've seen it my weakness and you must love me

Love me unconditionally
My weakness kills my strength totally
Can love find a way amidst these debris
My hope lies in the package it brings
It turns a dark heart bright
Oh what same way it makes the heavy heart light
Softens a hard heart and heals every wound
But the journey of love begins in this ground
That ground surnamed forgiveness
And by it you sure have seen my weakness
You must love me

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: forgiveness,love,romance
Michael Eziudo

Michael Eziudo

Benin City, Nigeria
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